Golden Crab at the King of Italy Drift Super Cup

Il Granchio d'Oro - Golden Crab
Il Granchio d’Oro – Golden Crab

(Versione italiana)

Dear readers, I am exicited to introduce you an inizative by Gazzetta del Traverso e Loren Sport linked to the King of Italy to be held in Castelletto di Branduzzo the next June 26 : the Golden Crab or as we’d say in italian “il Granchio d’oro”. I wish thank the event promoters, without their approval we wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere. A particular thank to Mike Procureur and Emanuele Festival among the others.

What are we talking about? First of all the name of the award is an omage to famous Autosprint’s Caschi d’Oro, BUT with an important difference. We are going to award the author of the most exticing performance of the day or “The Spectacular One” as in the award. Beware it’s not about driving technique, I’d say that the most prepared readers won’t agree with us. Most important it’s a simbolic award, with nothing more then the award itself.

I had this idea some month ago while I was thinking about the main difference between drift and the other racing series. Drift is based upon the show, while the other categories are based upon the cold chronometer. It’s mainly for this reason that Drift competitions can entertain even a non petrolhead audience. We will give the award to the driver who have been able to entertain the audience, we’ll not be looking for clipping points, angle or initiation speed. The audience excitemente will be the only judging parameter.

Let’s see at King of Italy – Drift Super Cup the next June 26.

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