Verona Model Expo – King Of Nations RC scaled models, full passion

Model Expo – Verona May 22th, 2016

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It was a great pleasure to accept King Of Nations RC promoters’ invitation. King of Nations RC is the 1:10 scale electric model champioship organized with Mike Procureur and King Of Europe sigil. The best drivers will have a chance to compete in world finals at the end of the season. RC models and RC drift have among my passions for a while. One day I’ll tell you my Tamyia TT 01 history which started back in 2010.

Spaeking of the races, we assisted to two distinct competitions, Counter Steer – AWD models with a rear torque distribution and without electronic aids – and RWD – Rear Wheel Drive models with a gyroscope aid ecu. I won’t stick with technical details, I leave these issue to RC Drift Project and their site section.

The show was awesome and the duels were battled and with huge proximity between the cars – I don’t like to call them models which seems diminishing. The judges had to work hard to decide the winners. They called for several one more times.

By the end of the day these were the two podiums.

  • Counter Steer
    1. Paolo Albarelli
    2. Daniele Parisotto
    3. Matteo Cividini
  • Rear Wheel Drive
    1. Marcello Carcano
    2. Davide Minute
    3. Giuseppe Castrogiovanni

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Body contest and chassis contest couldn’t left apart. Things got really tricky for the judges, here are the winner photos.

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As an humble modeling fan I was able to learn many details about the cars, building and setup. I discovered the costs of this so-called models near the amount of money one would need to build an amateur full scale drift car. Many models are fit with chassis or suspensions details and solutions worth of a race prototype. I should many photos. but light conditions and car performance were such that it was a real head ache being able to get nice shots, here my favorites.

Drift Long & Faster

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