An incredibly powerfull Toyota Camry

(Versione italiana qui)

An increbible auction has appeared earlier today on US eBay store for a Manual V8 Toyota Camry. The auction starts with an affordable cost of only 159.000 USD worth about 142.000 Euros (Source : Google Search)

RK Motorsports Charlotte tells us many tecnical details about this car. It was developed in collaboration with the Toyota racing department TRD. The V8 engine comes straight from the NASCAR series and scores only 690 HP @ 85000 RPM’s. The power is tranmitted to the rear wheels by a 6 gear manual Tremec T-56 Magnum and dual-disc clutch. Interiors have been modified too.

What do you think? Given some suspension and steering set-up could it be a decent Drift weapon? Click here to see the auction

Drift Long & Faster


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