Formula Drift 2016 – Masashi Yokoi sul suo ritiro

Tramite il suo profilo Instagram le motivazioni Masashi Yokoi ha comunicato le motivazioni della sua assenza dal campionato Formula Drift USA per il 2016. Come ipotizzato il motivo principale è il ritiro di Yokohama dalla serie.

Il pilota giapponese ha espresso il desiderio di competere ai massimi livelli, e le offerte che ha ricevuto dopo l’abbandono del gommista nipponico non gli davano sufficiente garanzie in termini di budget ed assistenza. In ogni caso nessun timore Masashi conferma che si tratta solo di un arrivederci per tornare 2017 con un supporto che gli consenta di puntare alla vittoria.

Ecco il comunicato originale :

I would like to share this report. I won’t be participating the Formula D USA this year.
The reasons are, first the biggest thing is because of YOKOHAMA TIRE is leaving.
Of course there were offers from other Tire manufacturers but the support from Yokohama Tires in the US was so huge that if I had got support from other Tire manufacturer I would be feeling uneasy without the same level of support in the US. Second is the budget. USA is so far and huge that the expense to move from one place to another costs a lot. I understand that every environment has to be perfect, in order to win in the world of Formula D. I will rest this year to participate Formula D next year with perfect condition. Please don’t misunderstand that It’s not that I am not satisfied with something. With awesome Judges, awesome Drivers, awesome Fans, I am looking forward to meeting all of you guys again next year. This Year I am planning to build several drift cars. If anybody comes to Japan, I would be able to rent those cars or have drift lessons together.
Guys I’ll be waiting in Japan!! Formula Drift Rocks!!

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